Monday, November 28, 2011

Show Me Yours!

Show me yours ……
OK, if you show me yours ….

Yours is longer than mine.
Yes, but yours has a larger diameter.

Even with the extra length, it is really quite firm.
Yours is nice and firm also.

How do you keep that long one in place?
It has a magnet attached to the underside to hold it.

A magnet? …. Yikes!
I just use the old fashion way and screw mine into place.

Yours seems to glow in the dark.
Yours also seems to glow in the dark.

Thus went the conversation as we sat in the duck blind comparing each other’s newest light-gathering optic shotgun sight by TruGlow. TruGlow makes the world’s most advanced product line of fiber optic sights in the world. They have over 10 different models for shotguns alone.

Bob uses the longer Magnum Glo-Dot and I hunt with the shorter Fat-Bead. But we both agree that the green is far superior to the red or orange for low light wing shooting. It just seems to gather more light.

You can purchase your own TruGlow sight from most outdoor retailers or order them direct from TruGlow. Just make sure that you order the right one to match your shotgun. They are not a fit-one-fit all, but are made differently to fit different makes and models of shotguns.

You can see and order your TruGlow sight from their website ….. Who knows it may even improve your shooting and at the very least, it makes for some interesting conversation.

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