Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Helping Ryan At Home

Got a call from Ryan today. He is thinking about buying one of the new Stoger 3500. After talking about the gun for a minute or two he said something that caught me off guard.

“I guess I need to call Brandie (his wife) and see if it is OK for me to buy it.” ……….

I got to thinking about that statement and decided it was time to jump in and lend Ryan a helping hand. So, for you Ryan, the following is a top 10 list that you can show Brandie and perhaps persuade her to let you have a new gun.

Top 10 Reasons To Allow Ryan To Get A New Gun
10. Honey, this would give me one at home and one to travel with.
9. I need to add balance to my gun safe so that it doesn’t warp.
8. I can’t possibly accessorize with the old gun.
7. Should one of them break-down I need a backup gun.
6. Big Boat …. Deserves a Big Gun.
5. I can’t hit shit with my old gun.
4. A new gun is more tactical and modern.
3. Gun envy
2. The older I get the less I want to pump it.

And the Number One reason I need a new gun …..
1. That extra ½” is what I have needed for a long time!

So Ryan, here you are. I am sure that as soon as Brandie reads these well thought out reasons why you need a new gun that she will send you forth with her blessings. If not …. Well, see reason #5 and prepare for another season of the same.

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